NRPOP member Tong Cao attendes IMFE 2014 Conference in St.John’s, Canada

August 8, 2014

NRPOP member Tong Cao attended The International Conference on Marine and Freshwater Environments, August 6-8th, 2014, and participated with a presentation on the effects of environmental conditions on biosurfactant production by Rhodococcus Erythropolis Sp. SB-1A isolated from North Atlantic Ocean. The conference was organized jointly by the 2014 Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS), the 2014 Atlantic Symposium of the Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ), the 2014 Annual General Meeting and 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Newfoundland and Labrador Section (CSCE-NL), and the 2nd International Conference of Coastal Biotechnology (ICCB) of the Chinese Society of Marine Biotechnology and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).


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