Current Students

Current PhD students


Ali Hassan, Alyami

Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Memorial University

Research Topic: “Marine ecological risk assessment due to ocean outfalls”



Cai, Qinhong
Development of biosurfactant-based dispersants and associated technologies…[more]



Fan, Fuqiang

Sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), Nitrate reducing bacteria (NRB) and their interaction in a souring offshore oil reservoir system...[more]






Methods of removal of Natural Organic Matter (NOM) from water for decreasing disinfection by-products…[more]



Lin, Weiyun

Weiyun Lin works on the removal of impurities from wastewater using a micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration technique…[more]




Liu, Bo

EN 2041

Development of photocatalysis-enhanced photo-oxidation in oily wastewater treatment…[more]




Minhdung, Tran

Ph.D. in Civil (Environmental) Engineering, Memorial University

Research Topic: “Petroleum contaminated site remediation and system optimization”



Mujtaba, Shareef

Ph.D. in Civil (Environmental) Engineering, Memorial University

Research Topic: “Photochemical air quality modeling in arid regions”



Shahwan, Abdelmoein

Ph.D. in Civil (Environmental) Engineering, Memorial University (Part-Time)

Research Topic: “Integrated management of reginal water resources”



Song, Xing

His research focuses on the identification and characterization of spilled oil treated by chemical and bio-dispersant in marine environment….[more]



Ye, Xudong (Derek)


Research on environmental decision making and planning models on wastewater treatment and offshore oil spill accidents…[more]



Zahra S, Rastghalam

Ph.D. in Geology (Soil Pollution and Chemistry), Memorial University

Research Topic: “Nanoparticle transport in vadose zone and groundwater”



Zhu, Zhiwen (Joy)


My research expertise and interests lie in the areas of soil and groundwater remediation, offshore oil spill response and countermeasures, fate and transport of contaminants in the marine and shoreline environment, environmental nanobiotechnology, and solid waste management and composting….[more]



Current Master Student


Campbell, Karresa

 M.Eng, Civil Engineering, Memorial University




Li, Xixi


Xixi Li is working on the study of removing total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) from soil by bio-surfactants. Also, she is researching on emerging pollutants contaminated soil remediation…[more]



MacPherson, Kate


Kate Macpherson completed her Bachelor’s of Science at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in Truro, Nova Scotia in the field of Environmental Science. She is currently pursuing her Master of Environmental Science under supervisor Dr. Bing Chen.




Matchinski, Ethan

 M.Eng, Civil Engineering, Memorial University




Natalia Vivas Heredia

 M.Eng, Civil Engineering, Memorial University

Research project: “Reuse of plastic wastes in Newfoundland and Labrador”





I am currently working on a project which studies “Biosurfactant-enhanced removing heavy metal in a high-salinity shoreline site in Labordor”. My pervious research area is related to water and wastewater treatment as well as wastewater management...[more]


Sankar, Diana

 M.Eng, Civil Engineering, Memorial University




Tao, Yunwen



Michelle enhanced ultrafiltration for wastewater treatment…[more]