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Graduate Studies in Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has grown tremendously in the last few years and will continue to grow in the near future. The province's thriving industries in offshore oil, oceans, information and communication technologies, energy and mining sectors, among others, is creating a high demand for more highly skilled engineers. Memorial's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science plans to meet this demand by adding approximately 40 new faculty members by 2020, and more than 600 graduate students. We offer thesis-based graduate programs both at the master's and doctoral levels in civil, electrical, computer, mechanical, ocean and naval architectural, and oil and gas engineering. Also offered are course-based master's programs in computer engineering; environmental systems engineering and management; and oil and gas engineering. A master of engineering management program offered jointly with the Faculty of Business Administration is also available for full- and part-time students. Beginning the Fall of 2013, a new innovative postgraduate diploma program in safety and risk engineering will be offered. 

Most full-time graduate students in thesis-based degree programs receive financial assistantship.  An industry internship option is also available for students to spend a portion of their degree program working for a company in the area of their thesis research. Currently, there are approximately 450 graduate students in the faculty. The Engineering Graduate Students Society makes the graduate students' experience enjoyable by offering help to individual students and by organizing social events.

Our faculty members are engaged in major research programs supported by NSERC, RDC, AIF, CRC and CFI, among others providing students unique opportunities to work alongside investigators of prestigious projects. Visit the program websites for details on each of the programs.

Contact information:

Leonard Lye (associate dean, graduate studies): (709) 864-8900,