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Engineering's summer programs teach youth about the world of engineering

Participants of ArcticENGINEER build a model oil platform from Lego.

For the third year in a row, engineering summer camps continued to inspire elementary and high school students from across the province to consider a career in engineering.

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Iceberg trackers

PhD student Zhi Li

Small icebergs can be highly dangerous to ships and others operating at sea. They’re stealthy, unpredictable and merciless, especially along Iceberg Alley — one of the most densely-packed concentrations of icebergs in the world.


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Memorial engineering students do well at regional student paper contest

Participants of the 2014 Canadian Regional SPE Student Paper Contest.

With first, second and third place wins, Memorial engineering students performed well at the 2014 Canadian Region Student Paper Contest hosted by the Memorial University Student Chapter.

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Benchmarks is the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science's annual corporate newsletter. You can view the latest issue by clicking here.

Benchmarks: Winter 2013








For students looking for information on, or applying for funding under, the Angus Bruneau Student Leadership and Innovation Fund in Engineering Program, please follow the links below:

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