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Engineers Without Borders starts fair trade coffee club on campus

The Memorial Engineers Without Borders members have figured out yet another way to help underprivileged people, but from the comfort of the engineering building. They have strated a fair trade coffee club in the lobby of the S.J. Carew Building from 8:30am-12:00pm each weekday.

Ed Martin, outgoing president of EWB Memorial, says when you purchase a fair trade coffee, you know that the farmers who produced it are guaranteed a fair living wage for their product rather than being subject to exploitative market prices that benefit the consumer but ruin the producer. “By starting a fair trade coffee club, we not only have great fundraising initiative, but we are promoting one of the most important ways that Newfoundlanders can help support development.”

The coffee, with a recommended donation of $1.25 per cup if you bring your own mug, is provided by Jumping Bean Coffee Company, a company owned by engineering alumni Jeff LeDrew. Mr. Martin says EWB and Jumping Bean are a perfect match. “Jeff LeDrew has been incredibly supportive of the EWB Fair Trade Coffee Club, selling us his coffee and cups at whole sale and providing loan of his brewer and thermos'.” He adds that in the first three days, they made more than $300 in sales. EWB plans on continuing the coffee club throughout the year.