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Dennis Peters

Associate professor

B.Eng. (Memorial), M.Eng., PhD (McMaster), P.Eng.

Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Born and raised in St. John's, I did the B.Eng. (Electrical) degree at Memorial University from 1984 through 1990. Following this I moved to Ottawa to work in the high-tech industry with Newbridge Networks (now Alcatel). After two years in industry I returned to school, this time at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where I completed the M.Eng. (Electrical & Computer) in 1995 and PhD (Electrical & Computer Engineering) in 2000. I joined the faculty at Memorial in 1998.

My teaching is primarily in the area of software, ranging from introductory programming courses to advanced topics such as software engineering and concurrent programming.

My research is concerned with developing techniques and tools to facilitate the production, analysis and use of documentation for computer system behavioural requirements and design. Such documentation must be both 1) clear enough to be read and understood, with a minimum of special training, by both 'domain experts' and programmers, and 2) complete and precise enough to allow thorough analysis, by manual or automatic means.

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