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Kelly Hawboldt

Dr. Kelly HawboldtProfessor
B.Sc. (Saskatchewan), M.Sc. and PhD (Calgary), P.Eng.

My undergraduate degree was in chemical engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. Both graduate degrees were from the University of Calgary in chemical and petroleum engineering. After my undergraduate degree, I worked at Norcen Energy Resources as a process engineer at a sour gas plant. Prior to, and during, my graduate degrees I worked at Bel-MK Engineering as an environmental engineer. This work was primarily with the oil and gas industry and to a lesser extent with other industries such as fertilizer and petrochemical.

My research interests lie in the gas management from industrial facilities, particularly petroleum operations. This includes identifying sources, chemical composition, gas destruction reactions and recovery technologies (such as LNG and gas to liquids). The goal of this research is to mitigate gaseous emissions from these facilities. In addition, I am involved in environmental detection and monitoring research (analytical detection/measurement and plume delineation) in produced water and drilling waste from offshore platforms. I am also working with a professor in the department of chemistry in pollutants in wastewater.

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