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M. Tariq Iqbal

Dr. Tariq Iqbal

B.Sc. (UET, Lahore), M.Sc. (PIEAS, Islamabad), PhD (Imperial College, London), P.Eng.

Following completion of an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Dr. Iqbal attended Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Science (PIEAS) in Islamabad where he completed a M.Sc. in nuclear engineering. Later, he attended Imperial College London in England where he completed a PhD in electrical engineering (wind energy conversion systems). Subsequently, he held teaching and research positions at PIEAS, IIEC, Riphah International University in Rawalpindi and Memorial University. These appointments included senior engineer at PIEAS, associate professor at IIEC, assistant and associate professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Dr. Iqbal's teaching activities cover a range of electrical engineering topics, including power electronics, control systems, filter synthesis and electrical engineering design. He also teaches graduate courses in the area of control systems and renewable energy systems.

Currently, his research focuses on modeling and control of hybrid energy systems with interests in the areas of design of control systems and comparison of control strategies of hybrid energy systems.

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