Memorial University of Newfoundland

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science


Engineering: 5706

Design of Concrete Structures


Instructor: Dr. Seshu M.R. Adluri


Office: EN 3044 (S.J. Carew Bldg.)

Course Outline:

  • Basic Concepts
    1. Introduction to Structural Design -Structural Elements and Assemblages
    2. Limit States Design Method - Strength and Serviceability, Codes
  • Design for Bending and Shear
    1. Rectangular Sections
    2. Balanced and Unbalanced Design
    3. Tension and Compression Reinforcement, Crack Control, etc.
    4. Design for Shear
    5. T-beams
    6. One-way Slabs
    7. Bond and Development Length
    8. Deflection and other serviceability criteria
  • Design for Compression and Bending
    1. Short Columns
    2. Longitudinal and Lateral Reinforcement
    3. Introduction to related topics

Assessment Procedure:

Class Assignments

10% (may include computer work and the use of Spread Sheets, Basic, Maple/Mathcad, etc.)

Midterm Test

30% (approx. March 02)

Final Examination


Laboratory Work


Concrete Handbook:

"Concrete Design Handbook" from the Canadian Portland Cement Association. The students must possess the handbook.


Laboratory Instructions for Concrete Component Testing








Legal stuff:

The MUN Faculty Association asked us to include the following in Legalese. J  So there! J


The lectures and displays (and all material) delivered or provided in this course, including any visual or audio recording thereof, are subject to copyright owned by the instructor for the course (Dr. Seshu Adluri).  Other copyrights may also be applicable. It is prohibited to record or copy by any means, in any format, openly or surreptitiously, in whole or in part, in the absence of express written permission from the instructor, Dr. Seshu Adluri any of the lectures, materials provided or published in any form during or from the above course.