Memorial University of Newfoundland

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science


Engineering: 6707

Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures


Instructor: Dr. Seshu M.R. Adluri


Office: EN 3044 (S.J. Carew Bldg.)

Course Outline: The course has two parts, viz., Concrete Structures and Masonry Structures. Eng. 5706 is pre-requisite.


  • Brief Review
  • Deflections
  • Two-way slab systems
    1. Introduction to behavior
    2. CAN3-A23.3-94
    3. Direct design method
    4. Equivalent Frame method
  • Retaining Walls
  • Containment structures

Text Book:

To be assigned


Concrete Design Handbook from the Canadian Portland Cement Association.

Reference: In addition to the above, it is recommended that the students refer to "Structural Concrete, Theory and Design" by M.N. Hassoun, (Addison Wesley)


  • Engineered Masonry -Introduction
  • Flexural members
  • Columns
  • Walls (flexure and axial load)
  • Shear Walls

Text Book and Handbook:

"Engineered Masonry Design" by John I. Glanville, Micheal A. Hatzinikolas and Hamza Ben-Omran, Winston House.

Assessment Procedure:

Class Assignments and Labs

15% (This may include computer work and lab work, if any. Unless otherwise specified, assignments are due one week from the date of giving. Marks may be reduced for late submission. 5% of the marks for assignments may be reassigned to either midterm or the final in case the computer or lab work is not assigned.)

Midterm Test I

30% (Oct. 26)

Final Examination



Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5





Legal stuff:

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The lectures and displays (and all material) delivered or provided in this course, including any visual or audio recording thereof, are subject to copyright owned by the instructor for the course (Dr. Seshu Adluri).  Other copyrights may also be applicable. It is prohibited to record or copy by any means, in any format, openly or surreptitiously, in whole or in part, in the absence of express written permission from the instructor, Dr. Seshu Adluri any of the lectures, materials provided or published in any form during or from the above course.