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A lot of debt is owed to many for a number of things concerning the project. There have been encouraging words from kind souls. Many have offered valuable suggestions. Several books were generously loaned. A brief acknowledgement is given below. It is hoped that this list of people to whom we owe our gratitude will grow many fold!

In addition to the following, there have been priceless volunteer contributions which go unacknowledged for the time being.


Alphabetical List

Andhra Today

Pictures of the Kakatiya Gate and some Telugu personalities: vempaTi cina satyaM, maMgaLaMpalli, aarudra, cinaare, vEdaaMtaM styanaaraayaNa Sarma, and swaami raamaanaMda teertha.

Dr. Sitaramayya Ari

Kindly proof read the Script article. Loaned his copy of Tirumala Ramachandra, 1993. "mana lipi puTtu pUrvOttarAlu," Visalandhra Pub., Hyderabad.

Sri Mohan Ayyar

Image of Saraswati (Visit Mohan's Hindu Image Gallery).

Smt. Padma Indraganti

Took me to task about the sloppy web page design! Kindly loaned several Satakams, daaSarathI, BhAskara, BhartRhari, Andhra nAyaka.


Picture of Bapu.

Sri Suresh Kolichala

Graciously helped with font embedment and related aspects.

Mr. Lawrence Lo

Image of Brahmi script.

Dr. Gummuluru Murthy

Dr. Murthy first sowed the idea of a web page in my head. In the process, I learned a lot of things. Dr. Murthy also supplied material from his collection, including, "sumatee Satakamu;" "kRShNa Satakamu;" Sri Sri, 1940. "mahAprasthAnaM," Visalandhra Pub. Hyderabad (1970 Printing); Khandavalli Lakshmeeranjanam, Khandavalli Balendusekharam, 1974. "AMdhrula caritra -saMskRti," Balasaraswati Book Depot, Kurnool. He also let me use a few old issues of Bharati that he managed to preserve.

Dr. Paranandi Lakshmee Narasimham (PALANA)

Very graciously offered a lot of material concerning Kanyasulkam and put up with my pestering e-mails.

Dr. V.S. Rao &
Smt. Saraswati Rao

I am indebted to both for their support and encouragement. Several books including, "narasiMha Satakamu;" M Parvatisam, 1993. "Sataka padyAlu," Prachodana Pub., Gannavaram, (a selection of 5 to 10 poems from several Telugu Satakas; Divakarla Venkatavadhani, 1983, "BhAratAvataraNamu," TTD Pub., Tirupati (A one act play about the prelude to the initiation of Bharata Translation by Nannaya); A collection of tyAgarAja kRtulu, old TANA patrikas, etc.

Dr. S.P. Reddy

Indebted for his encouragement and copies of "narasiMha Satakamu," and "kRShNa SatakaM."

Sri Sanka Ramakrishna

Excellent compilation of Telugu poems and other works. Kindly allowed me to borrow many poems he posted earlier from Sumatee Satakam.

Sri Srinivas Sirigina

Generously jumped in when the idea of Pedda Bala Siksha Project was floated. He created a page for it before I could even blink (with lightning speed!) His LIPI Editor was invaluable. Many thanks for a great service.

Mr. Chris Walker

Image of Gora.





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