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Index of Telugu Literary Works


The following links point to some of the major works in Telugu literature over the last several centuries. They are arranged in English alphabetical order for easy browsing! It is a very small list. Experts on various literary works and genres are urged to add to the list either at this or at other similar web sites. Kindly inform me if links to relevant works already exist.  



Andhra naayaka Satakamu (Samples)



Bhaaskara Satakamu (samples)



BhadrAcala rAmadAsu keertanalu (Samples)



BhartRhari neeti Satakam (Samples)



daaSarathee Satakam (Samples)



kRShNa Satakamu (Samples)



kaaLahasteesvara maahatmyamu (Intro')



kaaLahasteesvara Satakam (Samples)



kanyaaSulkamu (part of the text)



Linguistic Survey of India -Telugu
(circa 1900 -Samples)



mahaaprasthaanaM (preface and samples)



manu caritra (Samples)



naaraayaNa Satakamu (Samples)



narasiMha Satakamu (Samples)



paarijaataapaharaNamu (Samples)



raama lingESa Satakamu (Samples)



sumatee Satakam (Full Text)



vijaya vilaasam (Samples)




















Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri

Suggestions, additions and corrections to the above will be gratefully appreciated.

First posted: March 1999. Revised as and when new material is added.

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