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cEmakUra vEnkaTa kavi


Literary Works by cEmakUra vEnkaTa kavi

  • saarangadhara caritramu

Back Ground

cEmakUra vEnkaTa kavi (alias vEnkaTa raaju / vEnkaTa pati) was one of the greatest poets of classical Telugu literature. He was in the royal court of raGhunaatha naayaka (1575-1633) in Tanjore of Tamil Nadu. raGhunaatha naayaka ruled this southern kingdom after it had branched off from the Vijayanagara empire. cEmakUra vEnkaTa kavi lived between 1590 and 1650. He wrote brilliant poetry in the same high caliber as that of the great group of poets known as aShTadiggajamulu. His vijaya vilaasamu has been widely acknowledged as worthy of a place in the list of five great Telugu kaavyas -although all the spots for this distinction were taken by other great works before this was ever composed.


After the aShTadiggajamulu, he is the most respected classical poet in Telugu literature. SrI maadhava kumaar turumeLLa and Dr. (Mrs.) Sundari Turumella are preparing the original text in the electronic format. The introductory poems are posted here. He also kindly promised to put together a long introduction to this fascinating work! So, keep visiting for more and more poems.

More later…… 



Original Text

avataarika (64 verses)

prathamaaSvaasamu -Canto I (163 Verses)

dviteeyaaSvaasamu -Canto II (206 Verses)

truteeyaaSvaasamu -Canto III (239 Verses)



There is a wealth of information and commentary on cEmakUra vEnkaTa kavi. Some of the available sources include:

"vijaya vilaasamu," series No. 9 in "sampradAya sAhiti" EMESCO (M. Seshachalam & Co.), Vijayavada, A.P.
(This work has a 26 page introduction by Sree viSvanAtha satya nArAyaNa)

Standard editions are also available from the VAviLLa press and the A.P. Sahitya Academy.

Sree taapee dharmaa raavu published it with an excellent commentary called hRdayOllaasa vyaakhya (1968).

C.P. Brown was responsible for collecting it in the 1830s and preserving it for future generations. His copy (Ref. No. 769), along with several other manuscripts from C.P. Brown have been preserved at Oriental Manuscript Library, Chennai (Madras)

Prof. Velcheru Narayana Rao commented on cEmakUra and many other issues of his time.
We will try to post more about cEmakUra soon.


Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri
First posted: March. 1999.
Corrections including typos, suggestions, and additions to the above
will be gratefully appreciated.
Kindly contact:
Madhava Kumar Turumella or adluri@engr.mun.ca

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