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ayyalarAju nArAyaNa kavi


ayyalarAju nArAyaNa kavi (fl. 17th cent.)


ayyalarAju nArAyaNa kavi (ayyalarAju nArAyaNAmAtyuDu) lived during early to mid seventeenth century and is chiefly remembered today for his hamsavimSati, a kAvyam in five cantos. There are twenty stories in the book. They describe the contemporary society in refreshing detail. The details include descriptive information on diverse agricultural and rural occupations, artisans, crafts, means of production, family relations etc. The poet is vehemently opposed to sensuality and other contemporary ideas.

A sample poem describing his idea of the technicalities of a wife's union with her husband:

kEragaraadu navvi giligintalu peTTagaraadu chekkulam
geeragaraadu gubbalu khachikkuna grummagaraadu kELilO
meeragaraadu paikoni ramimpagaraadu gaLaaravambu liM
paaraga salparaadu madiraakshulu bhartala gooDu vELalan

The Potti Sriramulu Telugu University has reprinted the work recently.


Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri
First posted: March 1998.

Corrections including typos, suggestions, and additions to the above
will be gratefully appreciated.

The poem was posted in TELUSA by Sreenivas Paruchuri
on 27 Jan. 1998.

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