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kastUri ranga kavi


kastUri ranga kavi (fl. CE 1750s)


kastUri ranga kavi lived in the middle of the eighteenth century and is chiefly remembered today for his works on prosody and vocabulary. He wrote the well known Telugu lexicon sAmba niGhanTuvu. It is dictionary of pure Telugu words. It was composed in verse form as was the practice in those days. It is one of the standard works from classical Telugu period. Andhra nAma samgrahamu by paiDipATi lakshmaNa maMtri, Andhra TeekA viSEShamu by aDidamu sUrakavi and sAmba niGhamTuvu by kastUri ranga kavi (fl. 1750s?) were all put together and published as a popular single volume by Vavilla Press in the late 1920s.

He also wrote a standard work on Telugu prosody by name Ananda rangarAT Chandamu (lakshaNa cUDAmaNi). The name of the book derives from its kRti Bharta (to whom it was dedicated) Ananda Ranga Pillai, who was an interpreter and perhaps munShi for the French Governor in India, Dupleix. Other works by kastUri ranga kavi include kAvyas like kRShNArjuna samvAdamu, and padmanAyaka caritramu.


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