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paiDipATi lakshmaNa kavi


paiDipATi lakshmaNa kavi (fl. CE 1619-37?)


paiDipATi lakshmaNa kavi lived during early to mid seventeenth century and is chiefly remembered today for his Telugu lexical works. Perhaps the most popular dictionaries in Telugu produced during classical periods were his Andhra nAma sangrahamu and Andhra ratnAkaramu. Both works deal with pure Telugu words and have been written in verse form. Till recently, they used to be taught to young children who were expected to remember the poems by heart. An equally famous companion work to them was produced by aDidamu sUrakavi during the mid 1700s.

Vavilla Press produced a single volume comprising of Andhra nAma samgrahamu by paiDipATi lakshmaNa maMtri, Andhra TeekA viSEShamu by aDidamu sUrakavi and sAmba niGhamTuvu by kastUri ranga kavi. Recently, Bala Saraswati Book Depot also issued the Andhra nAma samgrahamu.


Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri (March 1998).

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