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allasAni peddana

Literary Works by peddana

  • harikathA sAramu (N/A).



Back Ground

allasAni peddana (or peddanna) was a preeminent poet of classical Telugu literature. He was in the imperial court of Sree kRShNa dEvarAya (reign: CE1509-1530) which ushered in the brilliantly productive literary age of prabandha yugam. His peers and the general public alike held him in high esteem. peddana was the most famous of the great group of eight poets popularly known as aShTadiggajamulu. He was counted first in that group both by seniority and by poetic merit.



peddana lived from the late 1400s to mid 1500s (approx. CE 1475-1535). He was a native of Chandragiri area in present day Chittoor Dt. He was the son of cokkana (cokkanAmAtya). During later life, he seems to have settled in Cuddapah area where he was given an agrahAram by the emperor. peddana was known to be a staunch viShNu Bhakta. He was trained in religion by SaThakOpa yati, a vaiShNava saint (of ahObila maTham). It is said that he was a childhood friend of kRShNa dEvarAya. (However, it is more likely that he was a few years senior to the emperor.) In later life, the emperor held him in very high esteem and treated him as a dear friend and confidante. peddana is on record as saying that if kRShNa dEvarAya saw him walking in the street, he would make his royal elephant stop, pick peddana up and give him a ride. He might have given advice (and may be some help) to kRShNa dEvarAya during his writing of Amukta mAlyada. He was also known to have been imperial emissary and some time administrator of several imperial districts (manDalams).



Reference used to type the original poems in these pages: "telugu kAvyamAla," An anthology by kATUri vEnkaTESvara rAvu, Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, 1986.

Other possible sources to get peddana’s work include the EMESCO "sampradAya sAhiti" series No. 1 (with an introduction by Sree viSvanAtha satya nArAyaNa), the VAviLLa press edition and the A.P. Sahitya Academy edition.


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First posted: Jan. 1998.
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