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          "dESaBhaaSha landu telugu lessa!"

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"aandhratva maandhra bhaashaaca naalpasya tapasa@h phalam!"

Indian Flag -Designed by Sri Pingali Venkayya from Andhra Pradesh




The following pages provide a few samples of Telugu Literature. They also provide brief introductions to some literary works and writers. The long-term aim is to provide complete electronic texts of Telugu literary works much the same way as the Sanskrit and other projects of similar nature. This project solely depends upon volunteer efforts. All those interested in Telugu are urged to participate in this effort by contributing or by developing their own companion web sites. Please go through the "Scope" if you are likely to be interested in helping and/or participating.

Undavalli Caves, Vijayawada, 1st to 6th Cent. AD.  Among the finest Buddhist rock caves.  Other such caves with Andhra influence are at Ajantha, Ellora, Nasik and Kanheri-Mumbai
Sri Sailam Temple.  A most ancient Saiva Kshetra.  Jyotirlingam, Sakti Kshetram. 'Sree Saila SiKharaM dRShThvaa punarjanma navidyatE
Kakatiya Gate -Warangal, 12th Cent.  Seat of a major Andhra empire after the Satavahanas
The giant Nandi at Lepakshi -The largest in India.  Vijayanagara Empire, 16th Cent.
Chandragiri Mahal -Vijayanagara Empire, 15th Cent.
Nagarjuna Sagar -spillway, Largest rock filled dam in the World, early 1960s

Saraswati -ivory figurine

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