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Telugu Literature Links


This is a compilation of Literature related links for Telugu Language. It does not contain many useful links such as those to Telugu movie music, general business enterprises, movie stars, etc.

In case you are aware of other important links to Telugu Literature (especially your own web page), kindly inform Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri.

Disclaimer: The following links do not mean that the present site and people connected with it endorse any of the material posted on those sites! The comments next to the links are given in a lighter vein. They are in no way meant to offend or slight any individual(s).


Last Revised: April, 1999.


Literature Links

Telugu Language and Literature

Home of the present site. Contains Samples of literature with relevant introductions where ever possible. Several hundred poems, etc. Long term vision: To provide full e-texts to Telugu literature. Volunteer based.

Telugu Literary home page.

From Dr. K.V. Rao's India Network foundation. Pioneering site. Packets of useful material. However, quite slow in progress. Volunteer based.


Lekha -an excellent site. Many big names in the Internet Telugu scene are associated with it. Volunteer based. This site has the potential to become the finest Telugu site on the net. Many useful pages are being created. Check out the following:

Ramakrishna Sanka

Sri Ramakrishna Sanka's personal page -Fine compilation of many Telugu poems and related material. Both in RIT and Telugu Lipi. Over the years, he collected many Telugu poems posted by various netters on SCIT and TELUSA and put them on his page. The present site and Sri Sanka's page have prepared portions of kanyaaSUlkaM e-text in conjunction.

telugu diksUci

Sri Anantha Sudhaker Uppala -Good collection of links. Author's personal works too. Additional material of interest. Notes on Telugu meters, etc.

Telugu Literary Corner

Sri Sudesh Pillutla from Texas. Put up poetry and other material. Does not seem to have updated it for quite sometime.

Learn Telugu from Telugu University

Well compiled material on basic Telugu alphabets, etc. Telugu University. Web site hosted by Andhra Today.

Pedda Bala Siksha (parts), etc.

Some portions of the pedda baala Siksha as well as useful lessons on Telugu Alphabet, etc. Sri Sreenivas and Smt. Anuradha Sirigina -developers of Telugu Lipi. Used to present Telusa mails also in Telugu Lipi.

Ari Sitaramayya

Dr. Ari's translation of Volga's Sweccha (1987). Must read.

Akkiraju & Swarna

They seem to promise to post quite a large amount of material - nothing yet!


Links to Literature in Personal Pages

Jagadish Bisa

Sri Jagadish Bisa -Samples of works by the author. The author is well known on the discussion circles in the Internet.

Madhava Kumar Turumella

Personal works by the very well-read author! Well known on the TELUSA circles.

P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

Several works by the very well versed author in various techniques. He has an astrology page and a discussion list too!

Prasad Chodavarapu

A few works by the author. The author is well known on the discussion circles in the Internet. Looks like the site will move to lEkha site.

Prathima Chilukuri

Smt. Prathima Chilukuri's personal page with Telugu poems and other stuff -very cute page design from embroidery shop!

Kiran Prabha

Short poems of the author with Photographic/picture interpretations.


Discussion Groups


Discussion group for Telugu Literature since 1995. The Best that Telugu has to offer on the net. Although dull at times, fabulous discussions do take place in short bursts. Many of the top Telugu literature enthusiasts and experts are tuned in. Archival sites: telusA-ratnakar1, telusA-ratnakar2.

telusA in Telugu fonts

Lekha project. telusA discussions are re-posted using Telugu tikkana fonts developed by Prasad Chodavarapu. Suresh Kolichala and friends are leading the work.


Short form of soc.culture.indian.telugu. Since early 1990s. Discussion group for Telugu people in general. Although TELUSA emptied most of the Telugu literary talent from SCIT, it may still be worthwhile to browse through occasionally. Beware of the sporadic vulgarity and cross-posting. It can be suffocating at times. Discussions can be read through the newsgroups section of your internet service provider. Prior to this, there were other lists, including a couple on the Bitnet (does any one remember the Bitnet or its alter ego Netnorth at all!). SCIT used to be reasonably interesting till mid 90s (or so I am told!)

Telugu Vani

On going discussion about pre-organized discussion topics. A unique format. Maintained by Kumar Ampani and Madhusudan Voruganti. Active during 1997 and part of 1998. Does not contain much since then.


Mailing list: Literature of South Asia and the Indian diaspora. Some relevance to Telugu literature once in a long while.


A more or less exclusive group. saradA stands for samaacaara raha daari -an acronym for Internet. Set up in 1998 after the Atlanta meeting. Not a very active list since the group seems to be discussing things via private e-mail list recently instead of through the public forum.

Chat Lines

Com Star seems to have started a Telugu chat line. Did not last. I am unaware of any other popular chat lines for Telugu literature (or any other Telugu subject, for that matter).

Links to Institutions -Literature

Telugu University

Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. Web site hosted by Andhra Today. Miles to go before clearly entering the cyber age.

 Institute of Asian Studies

 Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai. Govt. organization. Hoping to take up and complete some useful projects. No where near the Tamil studies in scope, breadth or depth.


I am not even aware of Telugu departments in other established Universities carrying out any Internet activity. Osmania and Kakatiya Universities put up material about many of their departments on the web. Nothing useful yet on Telugu literature. It is time that they stared doing it. Computer based Tamil studies including those on the net are ahead by at least a couple of decades!

Literature Webzines, Magazines and Periodicals

eemaaTa at lEKha

Telugu literary webzine -from Lekha. Promises to become very good.


Literary webzine (magazine) -nice work.

TANA Patrika

TANA Patrika -Parts of some old issues placed on the web. Interesting articles occasionally.


Webzine by Dr. Bhaskara Rao from Australia! Just beginning -has a lot of promise.


New weekly. Good presentation. Difficult to comment on until after some more issues are released.

Telugu Vani

A general site with useful material -difficult to label as a webzine.

Andhra Bhoomi

Andhra Bhoomi daily and allied stuff. Covers literature from time to time.

Andhra Jyothi

Andhra jyOti daily and weekly. Covers literature from time to time especially the weekly and the Sunday edition of the daily.

Andhra Prabha

Andhra prabha daily and weekly. Recently started. Hopefully covers literature from time to time.


eenADu daily. Although ".com" address exists, they have not posted anything on the net yet. Perhaps, it is not good business sense yet!


Vaarta: news webzine. Covers literature also.


velugu: webzine. Covers literature also.

Telugu TV

Telugu TV: Webzine. Going to cover some literature stuff, hopefully.


pramuKhaandra: webzine. Some literature essays among other things.


telugu.net. Under development.

Telugu Fonts and Software Links


Dr. K. Desikachary's pioneering effort. Very good. Free down load of read only fonts is available. Small price tag for full true type fonts.

Rangavalli, sa.ra.dA lO rangavalli

Prasad Chodavarapu did pioneering work. Freeware. e-mail communication in Telugu might soon be popular because of his efforts.

Telugu Lipi

Very good. User friendly. Comes with a fairly good editor and fonts. Converts RTS text to Telugu chars easily. Developed by Srinivas Sirigina and Anuradha Koneru. HTML conversion is very easy and built-in. Small price tag (voluntary).


"tikkana" fonts. Freeware. Several earlier versions were in circulation under various names. Built using pOtana fonts. A multi purpose editor does not seem to be available yet.

RIT 2.0

Freeware. Alternate site at Dr. K.V. Rao's page. (The web interface to RIT 3.0 doesn't seem to be working!) Free. RIT/RTS became the defacto standard for Telugu transliteration on the net. Sri Rama Rao Kanneganti, Sri Ananda Kishore, Sri Ramana Juvvadi, etc.

Rice Inverse Transliterator(RIT)

A program to convert text in RTS transliteration scheme to Telugu fonts through LaTeX and dvips. It is a front end to TeluguTex developed by Lakshmi V.S. Mukkavilli.


Freeware. Vangapalli Rammohan Rao. Uses different fonts available on the net. Multi lingual. Very good.


Freeware. Follows ITRANS scheme to transliteration. Many Indian languages are covered. For Telugu Mukkavilli's TeluguTex fonts are used. web interface for ITRANS is available.

Telugu Tex

Shareware. A UK based universal fonts company.

Saral Soft

Commercial. Telugu tutor from SaralSoft

World Languages -Telugu

Commercial. World Languages -Telugu. Lists products such as software, etc.


Commercial. Looks like the best integrated system yet. Full Office suite capabilities, fonts of over 100 languages. Not too exorbitant a price.

Vijay Font

Commercial. Phonetic keyboard mapping. Does not seem very great. Price reasonable.

Laser Telugu

Commercial. Macintosh fonts and editor.


Commercial. Not a very serious Telugu page.

CDAC - iLeap

Commercial. Multilingual. Word processing. Excellent software and fonts. Perhaps the best yet. Official organization in India. Massive research and development concerning Indian Language fonts and editors. Phonetic keyboard -very different from that used by Indians in North America. Demo version free.


Commercial. Ambitious multilingual software site. Not a lot of useful information.

Indology list

List of early Telugu and other language software projects (1994).

Usenet list

Another list similar to the above (1994).

Gopher list

Yet another list of the above kind (1998)

Telugu Unicode

Telugu Unicode project. No software available yet.

Links to Relevant Commercial Links

Saral Soft

Telugu tutor from Saral Soft -Commercial site.

World Languages -Telugu

World Languages -Telugu. Commercial site. Lists products such as software, etc.

Telugu website

Unknown developer. Has put up some Telugu stuff -perhaps with commercial motive.


Major commercial bookseller. Lists Telugu Dictionaries and other interesting titles.

Barnes and Noble

Major commercial bookseller. Lists Telugu Dictionaries and other interesting titles.


telugu.net. Under development.


There are several other "Indian" booksellers and publishers on the net who also sell a few Telugu related books.

Links to Other Literature Links!

telugu diksUci

Anantha Sudhaker Uppala -Very good collection of links.

Varigonda Subbarao

Some useful links. He does not seem to have updated it for quite some time.

Telugu Language Resources on the Web

From TIFR, Mumbai. Looks like a simple compilation from a search engine.




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