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Subject Index

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Telugu Language





Notes on Script



General Characteristics

Evolution of Character Graphs

Evolution of Spelling



Notes on Language


Grierson Survey (Circa 1900)


Bibliography of Early works on Telugu

kOMTAu Dialect




Telugu Literature



Classical Literature


Classical meters (Chandas)*



Prabandha (16th Cent.)

Introduction to Prabandha Literature

allasAni peddana

naMdi timmana


cEmakUra vEMkaTa kavi



Sataka Literature

Introduction to Sataka Literature

kRShNa SatakaM

sumatee SatakaM

kALahasteeSvara SatakaM

dASarathee SatakaM

Andhra nAyaka SatakaM

narasimha SatakaM

BhartRhari neeti SatakaM

rAmalingESa SatakaM

BhAskara SatakaM

nArAyaNa SatakaM



Musical Compositions

kancerla gOpanna(BhadrAcala rAmadAsu)

pOtulUri veera brahmam




Modern Literature




Modern Poetry


BhAva kavitvaM (Romanticism)

gurajADa appA rAvu




aBhyudaya / viplava (progressive/revoliutionary)

mahaaprasthaanaM by SreeraMgaM SreenivAsa rAvu (SrI SrI)




Literature of Songs and Lyrics




Movie Music


Many excellent sites have been developed for Telugu film songs. Several commercial sites are on the rise. This is perhaps the most well developed of aspects of Telugu presence on the internet. It must be a sure sign of the all pervasive nature of Cinemas in current Telugu psyche. A few of the sites are linked below. A great many more are available.

Telugu Film Server*(excellent! -trivia, text for many lyrics, articles, search engine…)

Telugu Film Server* (Mirror site in Europe)

GhanTasAla Home page* (by Ratnakar)

GhanTasAla Home page* (by Krishna Kandadai)

Lyrics of some Telugu film songs* (assorted collection by Krottapalli Ramarao)

Telugu Song Lyrics* (by Chakri)

Other links may be found at the film server site.







swEcCha* by vOlgaa: Translated by Dr. Ari Sitaramayya.










gurajADa appA rAvu




Literary Criticism

akkiraaju umaakaantaM





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