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Eminent Personalities in Telugu


The following links point to some of the major personalities in Telugu literature over the last several centuries. They are arranged in English alphabetical order for easy browsing! It is a very small list. Experts on various personalities are requested to kindly add to the list either at this or at other similar sites. Kindly inform me if links to relevant subjects already exist.  









aDidamu sUra kavi



allasAni peddana



akkiraaju umaakaantaM



ayyalarAju nArAyaNa kavi






BhadrAcala rAmadAsu



Bhadra kavi & linga kavi



BhadrirAju Krishna Murti



Charles Philip Brown (one, two)



cEmakUra vEnkaTa kavi






Enugu lakshmaNa kavi



kancerla gOpanna (BhadrAcala rAmadAsu)



kastUri ranga kavi



kAsula puroShOttama kavi



mArava venkayya (mArada venkayya / mAravi kavi)



nandi timmana



paiDipATi lakshmaNa kavi



raamaraaja bhUshaNuDu



tenaali raamalingaDu




















Seshu Madhava Rao Adluri

Suggestions, additions and corrections to the above will be gratefully appreciated.

First posted: March 1998. Revised as and when new material is added.

Kindly contact: adluri@engr.mun.ca


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