These assignments will allow you to practice writing C++ source code and solve simple software design problems. Unlike the labs, they are individual work — you must be able to say, "I did this myself". You should always feel free to discuss the course content, lecture modules, etc., with your peers, but not your assignment solutions.

Assignment 0 (due 20 Jan 2017)

Warm up your programming tools and make sure you can submit assignments though D2L.

Assignment 1 (due 23 Jan 2017)

Implement a function that has been declared for you but not defined.

Assignment 2 (due 3 Feb 2017)

Implement functions using a header file and constants.

Assignment 3 (due 8 Mar 2017)

Implement a Taylor series approximation of some mathematical functions.

Assignment 4 (due 27 Mar 2017)

Implement a function to calculate the moving average of some data.

Assignment 5 (due 5 Apr 2017)

Implement functions to check Rubik’s Cube solutions.