10 Apr 2017

By popular request, I’ve now posted the remaining assignment solutions.

6 Apr 2017

As requested, there will be a chance to chat with some recent Term 3 grads tomorrow morning at 11:00.

5 Apr 2017

By popular request, I’ve posted some previous exams on the documents page.

4 Apr 2017

For those who are interested in a little extra challenge, I’m looking for some groups to race their robots tomorrow!

29 Mar 2017

Assignment 5 has been posted to the assignments page and is due in one week from tonight.

20 Mar 2017

Assignment 4 has been posted to the assignments page and is due in one week from tonight.

10 Mar 2017

Today’s lecture is cancelled due to illness.

1 Mar 2017

Assignment 3 has been posted and the remaining assignment dates have been updated.

16 Feb 2017

I have finished marking the first mid-term: test papers are now available for pickup.

11 Feb 2017

Since we’ve encountered some problems with assignment 2, assignment 3 will be postponed.

6 Feb 2017

I’ve posted the seating plan for both mid-term tests to the documents page.

27 Jan 2017

As discussed in class, the mid-term tests will (weather permitting) be held on 7 Feb and 7 Mar in the evenings.

24 Jan 2017

There is good news about lecture capture! There is bad news about lecture capture!

20 Jan 2017

Today’s office hour will run from 3–4 pm rather than the usual time slot of 2–4 pm.

16 Jan 2017

Today’s inclement weather will have a slightly disruptive effect on the first lab and the first assignments.

14 Jan 2017

Assignment 0, which is more of a practice run than an assignment and not for credit, has been posted.

13 Jan 2017

The in-lab slides that were presented in Lab 0 are now available for viewing on the lab description page.

10 Jan 2017

The lab description for lab 1, including some pre-lab questions, has been uploaded.

5 Jan 2017

Lecture and labs will both start in the week of January 9th and not Friday the 6th.