Today's snow day

Today’s inclement weather will have a slightly disruptive effect on the first lab and the first assignments.

Thanks to today’s snow, we didn’t get to have our first lecture on functions, nor did people have a chance to ask questions about assignment 0. We do need to carry on with the lab schedule, but one of the prelab questions asks for detail that you have not been taught yet. So, here’s what we will do:

  1. lower our expectations for Lab 1’s prelab and
  2. postpone assignment 0 and assignment 1.

Specifically, we will not expect you to answer Question 2 of the pre-lab for this week. If you’ve already found the answer out independently that’s great, but we won’t require or expect it. I’ve just uploaded a version of the lab description that has this question struck through to be clear. You may find it helpful to read through the “syntax” part of the functions module (module 2), but for tomorrow you will only really need to understand expressions (module 1).

On a side note, a few people have reported seeing stale parts of the course website when viewed through D2L. I would encourage you to view the course website directly at rather than through D2L, as it inflicts some non-standard behaviours on otherwise standard website. In particular, it often shows stale versions of pages (sometimes from last year!) and it can break external links (e.g., to the 3pi specs page).

On the assignments: we will postpone the deadline for assignment 0 (the non-credit not-quite-an-assignment used for checking your tools work) to this Friday, and the deadline for assignment 1 will be postponed to Monday, 23 Jan (both, as usual at 2359h NST).

I hope this helps work around the issues caused by today’s snow. Please don’t hesitate to reply to this email if you need any further clarification.