Mid-term test times

As discussed in class, the mid-term tests will (weather permitting) be held on 7 Feb and 7 Mar in the evenings.

After the course outline was written, I discovered that there was another set of Engineering One mid-terms happening in the week of 1 Feb. When I created the course schedule, therefore, the midterms moved to 7 Feb and 7 Mar. As we discussed in a recent lecture, these are Tuesdays, and if there is bad weather on those days then we have a backup slot on the Thursdays of the same week (as shown on the course schedule).

In order to have room for everybody to write and avoid conflicts with other courses, our mid-term tests will be held 7–8:15pm on those dates. The test will not be 50% longer than I’d make a 50-minute test, but you will have 75 minutes in which to write it. Hopefully this will help ease test stress and give you a chance to really put your best work forward for evaluation.