You can contact me (Jonathan Anderson) at (note: please use this “real” email address rather than D2L). The lab instructor, Lori Hogan, can be reached at

Office hours

Whenever my door is open (which is most of the time), you can drop by to chat about the course, the lecture material, the assignments, or anything else you like. I also have official office hours, which are times that I’m guaranteed to be there and in which ENGI 1020 students have priority over everyone else. My office hours are Fridays 1400–1600; if for some reason I can’t be there I’ll post a cancellation notice on the course website.

D2L discussion rooms

We have several D2L discussion rooms that you can use to post questions about

Engineering One Help Centre

The Cahill Engineering One Help Centre provides tutorials and drop-in times to see student tutors, who are undergraduates in our program and very familiar with this course.