Tutorial 13 (2 Dec)

Practice functional programming, including lambda functions.

Tutorial 12 (30 Nov)

Practice designing classes, writing serialization and parsing code.

Tutorial 10 (18 Nov)

Practice creating class hierarchies and implementing their methods.

Tutorial 9 (5 Nov)

Practice with static methods and The Big Three methods.

Tutorial 8 (28 Oct)

Pointer practice: addresses, dereferencing, allocation, etc.

Tutorial 7 (21 Oct)

Practice try, catch and throw with exceptions.

Tutorial 6 (14 Oct)

A chance to practice implementing and using user-defined operators.

Tutorial 5 (7 Oct)

A chance to practice designing and implementing simple classes.

Tutorial 4 (30 Sep)

A chance to practice design and implementation with simple user-defined types.

Tutorial 3 (23 Sep)

Thinking about testing. A chance to get help with assignment 0.

Tutorial 2 (16 Sep)

Write a complete program from scratch. Compile and run it.

Tutorial 1 (9 Sep)

Get up and running with a compiler. Recall how to write functions.