26 Mar 2018

As discussed last Friday, I’ve moved some end-of-term activities to accommodate student requests.

23 Mar 2018

Assignment 5 has been posted to the assignments page.

21 Mar 2018

The prelab for lab 5 has now been posted. You may want to start on it sooner than usual…

21 Mar 2018

I’ve had a request for an assignment extension, but many of you have made sacrifices to finish today. Here’s what we’ll do.

19 Mar 2018

Today’s lab (lab 4) is going ahead in the usual room, EN1038B.

18 Mar 2018

My voice hasn’t come back yet, so I am unlikely to be able to lecture tomorrow. We’ll see about the lab…

15 Mar 2018

Our lecture for Friday, March the 16th is cancelled due to illness.

14 Mar 2018

Assignment 4 has been posted to the assignments page. It will be due next Wednesday at any time.

12 Mar 2018

I have posted the prelab for lab 4 in the usual place. It is due on Monday morning.

7 Mar 2018

As discussed in this morning’s lecture, deadlines for the remaining assignments have been revised.

6 Mar 2018

Based on feedback from a number of students, here is some additional information.

2 Mar 2018

Assignment 3 has been posted to the assignments page.

1 Mar 2018

The prelab for lab 3 has been posted. It is due at 9am on Monday, 5 March.

25 Feb 2018

Tomorrow’s lab slot will be available for students to revise their original submissions for assignments 1 and 2.

25 Feb 2018

Assignments 3 and 4 need to be pushed back by a week, as we haven’t/won’t have covered the relevant material.

19 Feb 2018

As announced in the lab last week, the deadline for Lab 2’s report will be after the break.

13 Feb 2018

I’ve posted last year’s midterm test to the documents page (caveats apply!).

12 Feb 2018

Our lecture this Wednesday will be held at 11am instead of 9am.

9 Feb 2018

I’ve fixed a spelling error in lab 2… sorry for the confusion.

6 Feb 2018

Assignment 2 has been posted to the assignments page. It will be due next Wednesday at 9am.

1 Feb 2018

I have posted the prelab for the second lab… which will not be held on Monday.

30 Jan 2018

Based on student requests, I will postpone the deadline for assignment 1.

26 Jan 2018

I seem to have given out incomplete Subversion directory names this morning… sorry!

23 Jan 2018

I’ve added a brief reference for x86-64 assembly code to the references section.

23 Jan 2018

In order to support the 2018 Atlantic Engineering Competition, our lecture this Friday will be held in EN4034 instead of EN4035.

23 Jan 2018

The prelab for lab 1 has been posted to the Labs section of the course website.

22 Jan 2018

Labs will now begin on Monday the 29th of January rather than Tuesday the 23rd.

11 Jan 2018

As mentioned in lectures (and on this website), the first two assignments have been rescheduled.

9 Jan 2018

The C tutorial that was previously scheduled for today will go ahead on Friday afternoon in EN1038B.

9 Jan 2018

Due to a scheduling conflict for the undergraduate students, this afternoon’s tutorial is postponed.

2 Jan 2018

The course website has been reset for the 2017–18 academic year.