Engineering 7893 Software Engineering

Instructor Mr. Brian Kidney, M.Eng, P.Eng
Lectures T, R 12:00-12:50, EN1000, F 13:00-13:50 EN4020
Lab slot W 14:00-16:50 EN2048 (This time will be used for meetings etc.)
Office hour Thursday 13:00-14:00, Friday 14:00-15:00, or by appointment
T.A. Shuang Wu, shuangw at mun dot ca

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Detailed Schedule and Examples

The following is the tentative schedule of lectures and assignments for the term. Lecture topics may change slightly as the term progresses. Click an assignment to view it. Click on a topic to view printable form (Portable Document Format) of the class notes. These may not always be available in advance of the lectures and are not to be considered a substitute for attending class.

Date Deliverable Activity Links
R 09.09 Introduction Info. sheet, CTF Specification, STEAL Specification
F 09.10 no lecture
T 09.14 Software Development Process, Context Free Grammars (via Dr. Norvell)
W 09.15 Team selection no lecture Teams
R 09.16 Software Development Process cont...
F 09.17 Subversion Intro to SVN
T 09.21 no lecture Revised: CTF Specification, STEAL Specification
R 09.23 Sofware Engineering Principles CTF Tools, Presentation List
F 09.24
T 09.28
W 09.29 1400-1700 Review meetings
R 09.30 Test Driven Development Sim Tester
F 10.01
T 10.05 No lecture
W 10.06 Simulator Increment 1 Requirements Analysis and Specification
R 10.07
F 10.08
T 10.12 Mid-term break
W 10.13 1400-1700 Presentation topic selection
R 10.14 Review meetings
F 10.15 Review meetings
T 10.29
W 10.20 Simulator Increment 2
R 10.21
F 10.22 Presentations Schedule
T 10.26
W 10.27 1400-1700 Student presentations
R 10.28 Student presentations
F 10.29 Student presentations
T 11.02 Student presentations
W 11.03 Student presentations
R 11.04
F 11.05 Controller layer 1 due 11:59pm
T 11.09 Review meetings
W 11.10 1400-1700
R 11.11
F 11.12 Review meetings
T 11.16
W 11.17
R 11.18
F 11.19
Su 11.21 Controller layer 2 Due 9:00am
T 11.23
W 11.24 Competition
R 11.25
F 11.26
M 11.29 Final implementation and documentation
T 11.30
R 12.02
F 12.03 Peer evaluation