Deliverable: Simulator Increment 1

For the first formal increment you are to submit design and implementation of a simulator that does the following:

There is no requirement to design or implement collision detection, visibility, scoring, etc. at this stage of the project - though if you can get ahead, do so.


Test infrastructure and basic test case(s) will be provided. You must include your own tests (at least 10 tests) to verify that your simulator has implemented the above requirements. All test cases will be applied to all team simulators and you will be graded on how well your simulator does as well as how well your test cases do at finding errors in simulators.


In keeping with the spirit of live documentation (and to save trees) you are required to submit electronic documents only, preferably in a format readable using a standard web browser or pdf viewer. The structure and style of your documentation is very much up to you and I encourage you to be creative in effectively and professionally documenting your design. As discussed below, the submitted documents must be in the trunk/Doc sub-directory of the subversion repository. I strongly encourage you to use this as a location for your working documents and to start working on them now.

Your documentation must contain the following information:

Submission Process

A particular revision of your whole repository will be "tagged" (See Creating Tags in the SVN Book) with the name sim_incr_1_submit and this will be taken to be the submitted files. You may choose a revision yourselves and add the tag before 0900 on the due date. If the appropriate tag is not added by the due date, the revision in the repository at 0900 on the due date will be tagged and used.