E-6003 : Ship Structures II

by : Claude Daley

A course about ship structural design and failure

Course Outline '12

Assignment 1 : Due Sept 21

Assignment 2 : Due Oct 12

Assignment 3 : Due Oct 31

Assignment 4 : Due Nov 26

Midterm Exam (Oct 15) with Solutions

Final Exam (Dec 10) with Solutions

6003_2012 Lectures

ANSYS example of non-linear analysis of a section of plate

LSDyna Lab#1 Into to LS-Dyna

LSDyna Lab#2 Impact Analysis in LS-Dyna

LSDyna Lab#3 Crushing Analysis in LS-Dyna

R and K paper This describes plate behaviours.

Practice questions from old exams and assignments some have solutions


Target Risk_Wilde This describes an idea about risk.

The idea is that humans adjust their activities to raise or lower risk and keep the risk level

constant (at their target or 'acceptable' risk) Consequently it is extremely hard to influence

the riskiness of an activity. E.G. If we make roads 'safer' with better lighting, the drivers will

likely just drive faster and conteract the safety.