Objectives for Establishing the Centre

The current explosion in information technology is facilitated by the rapid growth in the speed and complexity of digital hardware technology. Information technology, in turn, remains as the main enabling technology for the fast-paced developments in digital system design. Digital hardware components, such as application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and programmable logic devices (PLDs), are employed in many information technology systems ranging from desktop computers to communication networks.

The Centre for Digital Hardware Applications Research (CDHAR) has been established with the collaboration of researchers at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the Department of Computer Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland. CDHAR is jointly funded by an ACOA/MUN Research Infrastructure Grant and Drs. Venkatesan, Heys and Gillard are co-investigators of the project. The prime objective of CDHAR is to develop existing strategic capacity in digital hardware design specifically in areas of

The focus of the research will be the application areas of switch fabrics for integrated broadband communications networks, quality of service (QoS) issues in ATM networks, encryption systems for computer and communications security and encoders for error control codes.

The other main objectives are

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