1020: Introduction to Programming Winter 2014

1020 Home Page


The lecturer is Dennis Peters. He will conduct the lectures and answer all questions about the course material or administration.

The lab instructor is Shadi Alawneh. He will conduct the labs (which are directed towards helping you do the assignments) and will answer all questions about assignments and eclipse.


Labs are each week (unless otherwise announced) in EN3000/3029. There are no Labs on the following dates: Jan. 7, 9, Feb. 18, 20, Mar. 25, 27, and Apr. 1, 3. Review sessions may be scheduled during these timeslots.

Course Outline

The course outline sheet can be found here


The textbook for the course is Problem Solving, Abstraction, and Design Using C++ by Friedman and Koffman. Online and downloadable versions may be purchased from coursesmart.com. The bookstore has it bundled with a C++ reference at no extra cost. You aren't required to have the book (the online course material is sufficient), however you will probably find it a helpful resource.

The FAQ Page

Got a problem? Check the Frequently Asked Questions page. Perhaps the answer is already there. This page will grow throughout the term so be sure to check back from time to time.