Engr. 4892 Assignment 2

Due: 0900 Thursday, May 29, 2003.


A univariate polynomial is of the form

cdxd + cd-1xd-1 + ... c1x + c0
where the ci are the coefficients and d (i.e., the highest exponent) is the degree. Such a polynomial can be represented simply by the sequence of coefficients, for example the sequence [1.2, 3.4, 5.6] could represent 5.6x2 + 3.4x + 1.2.

In this assignment you are to provide an implementation (.cpp file) for the Polynomial class as declared in assign2_polynomial.h (and documented here). You are to implement the following functions and operators:

Note that in order to compile successfully with the test code you will need an implementation for all of the methods. If you can't submit a working implementation for some of the methods you should submit a stub implementation.

Be sure to include appropriate comments, including file and function header blocks (see Assignment Policies), and to use good style as outlined in Programming With Style. Submit your source code using Web Submit.

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