Welcome to the Engr. 4892 (Data Structures) Teaching Machine Demo Site.

Please wait. The Teaching Machine is a BIG Applet. More of an Applissimo than an Applet. About 350 kilobytes of finely crafted java code will be down-loaded. Depending on your access to the internet, this could take a while. (See table below.)

If you are using any browser other than Internet Explorer 4.0 or a later version of Internet Explorer, then this site is probably not going to work with your browser. Netscape have recently released a browser (4.5) that will work with the Teaching Machine, but there are still a few problems to work out.

Ensure that JIT (just in time) compilation is enabled.

Eventually, an index should appear in the frame to the left. Once this has happened, you may load C++ programs into the applet by clicking on the links in the frame to the left.

Help is available at any time by clicking in the frame in the upper left corner of this window.

This site is for demonstrating the Teaching Machine and for use of students taking 3891. Not all C++ files have accompanying text.

Send any comments to Prof. Norvell or Prof. Bruce-Lockhart.

The Teaching Machine applet is copyright. You may use it, but must not redistribute it.

Service type Minimum download time Time to:
Cable Modem or Ethernet. 4 seconds Read the first paragraph above.
57.8 kbps 60 seconds Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
33.6 kbps 1:44 minutes Eat the sandwich too.
28.8 kbps 2:00 minutes Boil water.
14.4 kbps 4:00 minutes Overcook a 3 minute egg.
9600 bps 6:00 minutes Make and drink a cup of hot chocolate.
2400 bps 24:20 minutes Watch the Friends episode you taped, while drinking hot chocolate and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
1200 bps 48:40 minutes Drive to the store and buy a new modem.
300 bps 3:00 hours Do a discrete math assignment.
100 bps 9:00 hours Not recommended.