6806 Project Kit

Each team will be provided with a standard project kit consisting of the following:

1Robot body equiped with 2 driven front wheels attached to motors (Pittman GM9236C534-RS) with encoders () and a rear caster
1Controller card (schematic, layout, photo with labels ) with
2 Sharp GPD12 IR distance sensor
1Devantech SRF04 Ultrasonic distance sensor
2Panasonic LC-R121R3P Batteries
1Charger circuit
1USB Web-cam
125' Cable bundle (USB and serial combined)
Additional standard issue parts (e.g., capacitors, resistors, additional sensors) can be signed out from Tom Pike or Dennis Johnson in the electronics labs (EN1038C), but please be aware that supplies are limited both in quantity and variety. Additionally, you must get prior approval to use any parts that are not in the above list, even if you want to buy them yourself. It is quite unlikely that you will be able to get any special order parts during the term.
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