Software Engineering 7893 Guest Lecture

Speaker:Mark Simms
Sr. Program Manager
AppPlat Customer Advisory Team
Microsoft Corporation
Date:Tuesday, Dec. 1


You've spent the term learning about software engineering, perhaps as a precursor to taking that knowledge, and trying to use it to pay the bills. If so, come along and hear how some of these concepts do (or do not) get translated into the mildly insane world of building software for hundreds of millions of people. And since students are about the only group left for whom it's mostly legal to bribe, there's a $100 gift certificate to the Microsoft company store for the best question about software engineering.


Mark is a member of the SQL Server customer advisory team, focused on SQL Server adoption for enterprise customers. With over fifteen years of experience in trading software for money, he's worked in a wide range of fields including telecommunications, embedded systems and enterprise software. Since joining Microsoft in 2008, his job has been centered on being the voice of the customer to product development teams, usually consisting of telling entire divisions of far more experienced software developers they screwed up. Currently, he's working on figuring out how to deploy complex event processing systems based on the next version of SQL Server to handle large scale, real-time challenges.

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