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Packages that use TestCase
ctf.evaluation Test code 
ctf.evaluation.simulator.handshaking Test code for the Play state 

Uses of TestCase in ctf.evaluation

Subclasses of TestCase in ctf.evaluation
 class STEALTest

Uses of TestCase in ctf.evaluation.simulator.handshaking

Subclasses of TestCase in ctf.evaluation.simulator.handshaking
 class Start
          Tests the 'Start' state of a simulator's state machine
 class Version
          Tests the 'Version' state

Uses of TestCase in

Subclasses of TestCase in
 class PlayerPositions
          Tests basic movement of players
 class PlayTestCase

Uses of TestCase in ctf.evaluation.simulator.setup

Subclasses of TestCase in ctf.evaluation.simulator.setup
 class PlaceFlag
          Tests the 'PlaceFlag' state
 class PlaceTrees
          Tests the 'PlaceTrees' state
 class RequestSide
          Tests the 'RequestSide' state