Software Engineering 7893 System Requirements Document

You are to write a System Requirements Document for the system described below and submit it, in printed form by 1700 Friday July 9, 2004. You may include a requirements model (e.g., using Rose), in which case you can submit the electronic form via websubmit.

Airport Baggage Handling System

A large airport requires a new computerized system for baggage handling. The system should, as much as possible, use off-the-shelf components (e.g., terminals, scanners, printers) and existing conveyor belt hardware, but is to replace the primarily manual routing system currently in place. Bags enter the system either at the check-in counter, where they are tagged and deposited on a conveyor belt, or at a gate as they are offloaded from an arriving plane, where the pre-existing tags are scanned. Bags in the system are to be routed via the network of conveyor belts to either a departure gate or a baggage carousel, as appropriate.

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