Simulator Test Descriptions

Default Locations

In the interest of standardization, many tests will assume that game objects have been placed in particular locations. These defaults should not be understood as part of the CTF specification - they are strictly for testing purposes, and they could change at any time.


The default location for the Red team is on the left (Western) side of the field.

The default location for the Blue team is on the right (Eastern) side of the field.


The default test locations for trees are:

Left Side Right Side
(125,215) (375,215)
(125,195) (375,195)
(125,175) (375,175)
(125,155) (375,155)
(125,135) (375,135)
(125,115) (375,115)
(125,95) (375,95)
(125,75) (375,75)
(125,55) (375,55)
(125,35) (375,35)


The default placement for flags is:

Left Side Right Side
(125,125) (375,125)


The starting location of players is given in the CTF specification.