Engineering 8853/4 Projects

IdTitle (click for description)ClientRolesSupervisorStudents
1Software and hardware for teaching introductory programming and mechatronicsDennis Peters2 Co, 1 Co/EDennis Peters Ryan Gaudon, Bryan Coish, Brian White
4Indoor Wireless Cooperative Communication System Mohamed Ahmed3 Co/EMohamed Ahmed, Octavia Dobre Pu Zhang, Bing Han, Jian Ma, Miao Gu
5Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Antenna Communication for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) Mohamed Ahmed3 CoMohamed Ahmed, Octavia Dobre Adam Wong, Amy Pike, Liz-Angela Palmera-Nunez, James Pikul
7Embedded Solar Power Simulator (Photovoltaic) Martin Ordonez3 Co/EMartin Ordonez Emilio McIlroy, Shawn Lane, Rob Berzins
9Energy Efficient Solutions for Outbuildings at the Holyrood Generating Station Barry Brophy,
NL Hydro
3 EMartin Ordonez Jordan Perchard, Matthew Stewart, David St. George
12Popsicle Bridge Test FrameDarin LeBlanc, PEGNL1 E/Co, 2 CoDennis Peters Renee Hodder, Tim Smith
15Searchlight for Small Marine Craft Full Mission SimulatorsPatrick Linehan/Jennifer Smith, AIF Small Craft Simulation Project/VMT2 Co, 1 Co/EDennis Peters Michael Hobbs, Sean Jessome, Matthew Baxter
16Design of a soft starter for a single-phase grid tie electric start gas generatorTariq IqbalTariq Iqbal Brad Smith, Ian Anderson, Alex Haye
17Design a tracking system for a parabolic mirror to always reflect sun light into a houseTariq IqbalTariq Iqbal Stephen Inkpen, Herbert Stricklan, Scott Ryan, Feng Zhao
18Pumped hydro for Newfoundland: Resource potential and sites identificationTariq IqbalTariq Iqbal Darrin Marshall, Konark Bararia, Byron Downton
22Control and Communication System for the MUN Autonomous SWATH Surface VehicleMUN Autonomous Ocean Systems Laboratory3 E/CoRalf Bachmayer Leah Andrews, Christa Barry, Sarah Howse
23Networked Target Tracking Security CamerasAndrew Vardy3 CoAndrew Vardy John Hawley, Shane O'Connell, Stephen Foote
24Smart Camera -- Object TrackingNick Krouglicof3Nick Krouglicof Greg Tucker, Steve Craig, Mohammad Fahad Akbar
25Rowing Training AidRegatta Committee3Jim Millan Susie Ryan, Kevin Murrant, Nick Keough, Jeff Griffin
26Design and Simulation of an MPLS Based Network for NL HydroGerard Dunphy,
NL Hydro
3Weimin Huang Dan Li, Zhijing Zhang, Rupert Gushue

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