Engineering 9867 Presentations

Each student is required to prepare and present one lecture (between 50 and 75 minutes, including questions) on a topic relevant to the theory of computing. You will need to read some relevant background material from books and journal papers, and present the key points to the class, with illustrative examples, where appropriate. The topic of your presentation should be selected from the list below and confirmed with me on or before Feb. 19, 2002. I will be able to provide some starting points for your literature review. Since each of these areas is sufficiently large to fill several lectures, you should discuss your planned approach to the area with me in advance of preparing your presentation.

Presentations will be in the normal class time starting on March 19, 2002.

Presentation Topics

Presentation Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
03.19An Zhiwei Alternative models of computation (one or more of timed automata, hybrid automata, neural networks).
03.21Atiq AwanSoftware testing and reliability
03.26Fang YangParallel complexity theory
03.28 Pradeep BobbyProbabilistic algorithms
04.02Kelda FarrellVerification of modules/classes
04.04Todd EngramObject-oriented software design and analysis

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