Engr. 9874 Assignment 2

Due: 0900 Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008.

This assignment must be done individually. Each student must submit their own solution.

For the remainder of the course we will be progressing through an exercise in design and implementation of a distributed system as descibed in this document. You should take care to carefully follow the instructions for each step, as given below -- you will not be required to implement it all yourselves, and some design decisions will be made for you.

For this first part of the exercise, you are to develop an high level architectural design (i.e., a set of classes, their associations and responsibilities) for the ``simulator'' component of a SOCCER system. You should present this as a set of Class-Responsibility-Collaboration (CRC) 'cards' either using the posted html template or in a single Word document. If you choose to use the html template, please also include a file called index.html which lists all of the cards in a logical order and provides links to them each.

Submit your solution using Websubmit as a single zip file.

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