How to play SOCCER

The SOCCER source contains a complete framework for a SOCCER game system including debug versions of the simulator model and view and team components so it can run as it is (although the game won't be entertaining and the model ignores physics). To run the game as it stands, follow the following steps (this is written assuming that you're using Eclipse).

  1. Unzip the source into your Eclipse workspace.
  2. Create a new Java project called Soccer, selecting "Create project from existing source", as illustrated:
  3. Select in the simulator package and invoke "Run as ... java application". The main Simulator UI will appear:
    The pull-down boxes will list all available views and models.
  4. Select in the team package and invoke "Run as ... java application" twice (you need two teams to play). The main team selection UI will appear
    The pull-down boxes list all available teams and all possible simulator names.
  5. Click "Go" on the simulator, and "Connect" then "Go" on each team and the game will start.
  6. The debug simulator view has only one button that causes it to output the state of the game as reported by the model.
  7. The debug team can be used to send requests to the simulator. The arguments for the requests are described in Section 3.2.1 of the SOCCER document.
  8. Log files are produced by the simulator and team in the user home directory. They are called soccer_simulator.log and soccer_team.log.
  9. To end the game, click "End" in both teams, then "Disconnect" in the team.MainUI and finally "Stop" the simulator.

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