Engr. 9874 Project: Part 1 -- Simulator Model

Due: 0900 Friday, Mar. 7 12, 2008.

This assignment must be done in teams, as discussed here. Each team should submit only one solution.

The system description is given in this document. The source code is here. Note: soccer_src.zip is updated Feb. 18 at 10:20 pm. If you have versions downloaded before that time they must be deleted.

For this part each team is to produce a working simulator model component, which maintains the state of the game and responds to requests from Teams to coordinate the game. It must provide the following:

  1. class SMfacade implements ISimulatorView -- the view's interface to the model. This class must have a public no-argument constructor (can be default constructor).
  2. An implementation of the ISimulatorNet interface.
  3. It should inform the INetSimulator of the game events: reset, goal and end.

More details can be found in the javadoc.

The model is to be implemented in a package simulator.model.username, where username is one of the team members Engineering username as listed in Student.java in package game. When complete, submit your code only (i.e., do not submit any of the supplied code) using Websubmit as a single zip file.

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