Design-level Detection of Interactions in Aspect-Oriented Systems

Pouria Shaker,
Dr. Dennis K. Peters


The behaviour of an aspect-oriented (AO) system is the woven behaviour of system concerns (core and aspect). Care must be taken that the woven behaviour of two concerns (possibly compound, i.e. the result of weaving two or more primitive concerns) satisfies both existing critical correctness properties of the behaviour of each individual concern and new desired correctness properties of the woven system. If this set of properties is inconsistent, we say that two or more of the concerns involved undesirably interact. We present a process for detecting undesirable concern interactions in AO systems at the design phase of the software development process, which combines light-weight syntactic analysis and formal verification of design models expressed in the UML and a simple domain-specific statechart weaving language (SWL).

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