The Xylia Toolkit, combining XML and Java

Jonathan R. Milley,
Dr. Theodore S. Norvell,
Dr. Dennis K. Peters


This paper presents an overview of the Xylia software library. This library is being designed for the development of user friendly visual editors for the extensible markup language (XML). XML is a standard for markup languages. Each language conforming to XML is similar in structure to HTML, but has its own set of permissible tags, and rules about how they may relate. XML is designed to store structured data in a standardized cross-platform textual format. The Java programming language and the Swing toolkit from Sun Microsystems are being used to build the library, which will be suitable for application developers who wish to create simple, easy to use, robust editors for specific XML languages. Since both technologies are intended to promote cross-platform and cross-application interoperability, they are a good match.

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