George Mann, Ph.D., P.Eng,


Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Memorial University of Newfoundland

St. JohnÕs,

NL, A1B 3X5, Canada

Tel: (709)864-8991

Fax (709)864-4042

gmann AT mun DOT ca


My current research focuses three main areas of research in Intelligent Systems: Intelligent and Classical Control, Robotics and Automation and Machine Vision. Research is carried out in two main laboratories in the University, ISLAB in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.  

Current Research Topics : Fuzzy Logic Control, Behaviour-Based Control Model for Robots Using Active Vision, Fuzzy Logic Techniques for Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation, Multivariable Intelligent Process Control and Intelligent Control of Robotics Manipulators.

Undergraduate Teaching:  ENGR 7944: Robotics and Automation, ENGR 4933 Electromechanical Systems, ENGR 4901 Thermodynamics II, ENGR 6925 Automatic Control Engineering  

Graduate Teaching:  ENGR 9940 Advanced Robotics, ENGR 9885: Special Topics in Signal Processing – Image Processing,

Publications: Journals, Conferences, Industrial R&D


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