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My 16ch Phoenix SX
(My 16 channel Phoenix SX VHF)

Welcome to my webpage.

This page is intented to house a whack of information and programming tools, for the various digitally synthesized mobile radios that GE produced from the early 80's to the present. These include the Phoenix S/SX/Scan, Delta S/SX, Rangr, MLS, PSX and others.

These radios can be picked up easily at hamfests, auctions and are easily found for sale on the Web. Best of all, they're cheap and easily converted to operate on amateur bands.


Jan 26 / 2000:

This page is supposedly being featured in the March issue of CQ Magazine, in the Packet column. Seeing how this could drive traffic up a lot, I figured it wouldn't hurt to pretty up the page a little. The page is still Lynx-friendly - links are at the bottom of every page.

I scanned the Delta and Phoenix Scan information that I have - see Radio Information.

I've been experimenting lately with the serial programming capabilities of the Phoenix radio.. Using the TQ2311 or TQ2347 interface combined with the Panasonic suitcase, the Phoenix, PSX and MLS radios can be programmed through the rear connectors using a serial protocol. I'm attempting to do this using a computer. The (present) interface is a lot simpler than the X2212 programmer is, plus it should allow the programming of PSX and MLS radios as they do not use the X2212 chip. See Serial Programmer for more information.

Old news:

Sept 21/99:

Xicor, the only company that I know of that made the X2212 chip, have now discontinued it. So, these chips may become harder to find. Might be a good time to stockpile a few.

BUX CommCo Parts stocks X2212 chips for $18US each.

Copyright stuff:

The name "General Electric" and the GE logo are trademarks of General Electric. Phoenix, Delta, Rangr, MLS, PSX, TQ2311 etc. could be trademarks too. If anyone takes offense to their logo or trademark being on this page, E-mail me and I'll take it down.

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