Can you solve this cryptogram?: "yvhp gxp fdag ftczp hka dlps fnog jwong"

(See below for cryptogram hint and answer.)

Howard Heys

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland

B.E.Sc. - University of Western Ontario (1984),
Ph.D. - Queen's University (1994)

Artist: Erin Heys (Age 10)

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Cryptographic Hardware and Communications Security Research at Memorial:
PDF Presentation

[Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science] [Memorial University of Newfoundland]

Office: EN-3071, Phone: (709) 864-2514, E-mail: "name" AT "domain" where "name" = hheys, "domain" =, and AT = @

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
S.J. Carew Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
A1B 3X5

Cryptogram hint: Click for answer.